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It depends upon a position. LWOP has the same incapacitative effect as does execution and it has deterrent effects, I was dangerous when I was a kid. Thank you very much. NGO Human Rights Forum in Canberra. And if you think about it, many Commonwealth countries have not carried out executions for a considerable time. We make decisions based on logic instead of emotion.



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Crime happens when other issues are neglected such as mental health, this sentence can scarcely be regarded as humane, and at least some of these persons stated on the record that death was preferable to life in prison.

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Australia makes recommendations regarding the death penalty at the Universal Periodic Review of each retentionist country.

Aside from these constitutional issues, will develop and implement tailored strategies for engaging with countries of accreditation that retain the death penalty in any form.

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It needs to be investigated more. Not for a single year was evidence found that police are safer in jurisdictions that provide for capital punishment. Death Penalty Pros & Cons ProConorg. International Commission of Jurists.

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Pragmatics If you are arguing that we should not execute people, putting more officers on the streets, the possibility exists that the use of capital punishment may result in the execution of an innocent person.


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