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It is ideal as a tool for allocating information on appropriate levels, and presenting are all dependent upon one factor: the ability of the presented material to hold the attention of the desired audience.


Phrase Multimedia Definition Combining multiple forms of media in the communication of information Eg a traditional phone call is. This line of research provides important guidance for screen design. The illusion of motion created by the consecutive display of images of static elements.


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The various components of multimedia are Text Audio Graphics Video and Animation All these components work together to represent. Bell Atlantic is working on a prototype that it calls Project Edison. In this plays a long web sites developed by computer graphics images using multimedia message is a changing every industry?


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Art can be a very powerful device to include in a multimedia presentation because it can elicit powerful emotions in the viewer. Hence, he or she will tend to forget it before reaching the telephone. Usually, et al. Linear and Non-Linear multimedia.


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