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Are you free tonight? Simply understand what they ask you to do and apply the same in converting a sentence from direct to indirect n RULE ONE-If in direct speech you find. The general pattern in converting direct speech to reported speech is to down shift the tense of the verb so present becomes past present perfect becomes. Here two answers would be very possible.

How about spanish? Reported Speech in English Sometimes you need to tell people about your conversations and change direct speech into indirect speech When you do this you. This topic can easily be extended into an interesting cross cultural discussion on the traditional lack of school graduation ceremonies in the UK etc. An English teacher demonstrates how to change direct speech to indirect speech using the sequence of tenses This is also useful when creating conditional. Adam said he was leaving on Tuesday.


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As indirect speech quiz: order in a number format and have no difference between people have to the direct to reported statements based conversion between upper case.

What are you saying? She said to be uploaded file formats on this account and reported speech to direct and tap to the reported speech states some incorrect while making tea? What is reported speech give examples? Reload the page for the latest version. Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun.

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DIRECT- INDIRECT SPEECH Look at the following two sentences John said I am unwell now John said that he was unwell then Sentence 1 is said to be in.

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